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Culture et religion en Afrique au seuil du XXIe siecle: Conscience d'une renaissance ?

Culture and religion in Africa at the threshold of the 21st century: Сonscious of Renaissance ?
Dakar: CODESRIA , 2015. 272 p. Soft. ISBN 9782869786103.  In French
Claiming its culture, demanding its right to cultural diversity, or proclaiming its membership of a group of believers and taking possession of the flag of that belief in order to perpetrate actions that are then called "holy", to terrorize its fellows by imposing on them His vision of things and his law, are undoubtedly two of the most worrying features of the entry of our societies in the twenty-first century. For this reason, the texts gathered here have been deemed fit, to open a serious and methodical reflection on religion and culture in Africa at the threshold of the 21st century.

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