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Rytsar' trekh voin: O gvardii general-maiore L.A. Slanove

Knight of Three Wars: Major-General Slanov's Guards
Vladikavkaz: RIPP im. V.A. Gassieva , 1995. 136 p. Hard. 3000 copies.  In Russian
The book is devoted to the outstanding personality, Major-General Slanov L.A., who took part in three wars - Civil war in Russia (1918-1922), military conflict with Japan at the river Khalkhin-Gol (1939) and, finally, the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) during which he obtained a rank of General. Centering his attention on Slanov's activities the author is simultaneously trying to reproduce the atmosphere of those hard times, animates the narration with extracts from memoirs of prominent military and political figures (like Meretskov K.A.), basing on documents presents his own view on some historical events and personalities (like General Vlasov). The book contains a number of photos made in 20-40-s.
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