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Batak v Aprilskoto v'stanie i v b'lgarskata pamet.

Batak during the April Uprising and in the Memory of the Bulgarians
Sofiia: Zakharii-Stoianov , 2019. 200 p. 21 cm. Soft. ISBN 9789540912479.  In Bulgarian
The book is about the southern Bulgarian town of Batak, which has gone down in history as the site of a massacre perpetrated by Ottoman Turkish troops at the beginning of the April Uprising in 1876. According to various sources, the victims of the massacre numbered between 1,200 and 7,000. The author Iliya Todev notes that Batak continues to agitate Bulgarian society even today. A media war in 2007 did not end in consensus. Back then, a research project of Free University of Berlin about the demonization of Islam sparked a massive controversy in Bulgaria about whether or not the Batak massacre was just a myth born out of anti-Islamic stereotypes. It seems that today the voice of scientists can be heard at last...
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