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B'lgarskata mafiia kakto ia vidiakh.

The Bulgarian Mafia as I Saw It
Sofiia: Izdatelska k'shcha Avliga , 2018. 620 p. 20 cm. Soft. ISBN 9786197245165.  In Bulgarian
In this book, famous Bulgarian investigative journalist Anna Zarkova writes about the country's justice system over the last 30 years. The analysis is based on Zarkova's decades-long research, earlier books and articles by her, and other public sources on major crime cases. The people speaking up in the book include prosecutors, judges, members of parliament, eminences grises, ordinary people and... criminals. If the book has to be summed up in one word, it would be "impunity" - impunity for crimes, including conventional crimes (such as the 1998 acid attack on Zarkova herself) and white-collar crimes which have inflicted detriment on millions of Bulgarians over the years.
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