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Sofiia: Enthusiast , 2018. 368 p. 21 cm. Hard. ISBN 9786191642861.  In Bulgarian
A novel by journalist Tosho Toshev, longtime editor of one of Bulgaria's foremost daily newspapers, "Trud". The publisher of the book says: "Many things have been said 'for' and 'against' communism, although communism never actually existed in Bulgaria. It is a fact, though, that we went through a semblance of it. This novel is an attempt to reveal some of its features, which led to shameful deficiencies in Bulgarian democracy after 1989 and these deficiencies now weigh heavily upon all of us." According to Toshev, the power of a dictator, just like the power of God, stems from the sense of fear. A dictator is the lord of fear.
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