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Na grebena na novinite - blog't na Encho Enchev.

On the Crest of the News: Encho Enchev's Blog
Sofiia: Zakharii Stoianov , 2018. 526 p. 23 cm. Soft. ISBN 9789540912585.  In Bulgarian
Encho Enchev is a Bulgarian current affairs analyst who is well known for his sharp, often acrimonious language. He has written hundreds of articles and essays on topical issues. He is particularly keen on exposing the Sorosoids, the running dogs of globalist billionaire George Soros, and their surreptitious attempts to manipulate the Bulgarians and undermine their national identity. The book is like a bomb of words. Readers will appreciate the author's noble spirit and his insights about the sociopolitical transformations in Bulgaria in recent years and the uncontrolled destructive developments on a geopolitical level.
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