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Klassnyi zhurnal 4 "D" klass.

Class register of 4"D" grade
Yerevan: Avtorskoe izdanie , 2018. 232 p. Hard. ISBN 978-9939-0-2785-2; 9789939027852.  In Russian
The book contains memories of 4 "D" class students of the Russian school № 23 in Leninakan about the day of December 7, 1988, when a devastating earthquake in Armenia took the lives of tens of thousands of people. The authors of the texts submitted at that time were ten years old. Today they are forty. This book is about those whose childhood was interrupted not only by the earthquake, but also by the war in Karabakh, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the harsh years of economic and energy blockade of Armenia, and for many - forced emigration. The authors of the texts, yesterday's schoolchildren and today's adults, are trying to restore the memory of the events of that day in all details.
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